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At Michael’s Finer Meats and Seafoods, we sell only the freshest, highest-quality products. Chefs in the finest restaurants around the Midwest and across the country rely on us to help them give their guests memorable dining experiences.

Now, we’ve created a special collection of our most popular products for sale to the public. You can send our restaurant-quality meats and seafood as gifts or purchase them to enjoy at home.

And to help you make the best meals from our fine meats, we offer the following guidelines and recommendations for storage, thawing and preparation so you can enjoy our restaurant-quality meats at home.

All of the products Michael’s Finer Meats and Seafoods sells to consumers are vacuum-sealed and blast-frozen to lock in flavor and preserve freshness. Your shipment should arrive frozen; as long as it is cold to the touch, it is wholesome.

Use it or freeze it. No matter the quality of meat or seafood, it will spoil if it sits too long in your refrigerator. It will last longer once it has been prepared, but cooked meats also have a limit on freshness. Our advice is simple: Use it fast or keep it frozen for later preparation.

  • Keep meats in their original Michael’s packaging until you are ready to prepare them. The vacuum-sealed package is designed for frozen storage.
  • We do not recommend re-freezing thawed product. Prepare and enjoy it once it is thawed.
  • We do not recommend freezing prepared products. Refrigerate leftovers promptly and consume them as soon as possible.

Thaw with care. Michael’s retail meats are vacuum-sealed and blast-frozen to arrive wholesome and fresh. But as the meat thaws from its frozen to a raw state, it can become vulnerable to bacterial contamination if not properly thawed.

  • Remove meats from the freezer a day before you plan to serve them, and thaw 23 hours in the refrigerator.
  • Never thaw meats at room temperature or under hot water.
  • We also advise against thawing meats in the microwave, a process that can affect the tenderness and flavor or our meats.



The finest chefs - restaurant or at home - rely on Michael’s Finer Meats & Seafoods for flavorful meats that win raves from guests.

Bringing out the best in your Michael’s beef. Michael’s prime beef is aged for at least 21 days, and hand-trimmed by our experienced butchers. Cooking times will vary based on the cut or size.

  • Michael’s beautifully marbled prime steaks and chops are great for grilling out or cooking in. They sizzle up tender and juicy, but because they are closely trimmed, avoid over-cooking.
  • Sprinkle on Michael’s Steak Dust Seasoning - a special blend of seasonings and spices - for an extra spark of flavor.

Fine meals fast with marinated chicken breasts. Available in mouth-watering lemon-pepper or Italian flavors, our 5-6 oz. marinated, boneless, skinless chicken breasts are sold in 4-lb boxes.

  • Thaw the chicken breasts you intend to use for your meal, and keep the rest of your package frozen for later use.
  • Our marinated chicken breasts can be sautéed, broiled, roasted or grilled, and served with your favorite side-dishes for restaurant-quality dining at home.
  • Refrigerate leftover chicken promptly and slice chilled for use in salads or sandwiches.

Visit our gift boxes and home dining shopping pages to purchase Michael’s steaks, chops, marinated chicken and seasonings to give or to enjoy at home.

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